“Feels Like Home”

Feels Like Home” isn't just a tagline.  This statement really is woven into the fabric of how our residents feel about Washington City.  There is just something different and special here.  Time and time again I have heard from our residents, friends and neighbors about what brought them to Washington City.  Bar none, to them, this community feels “just right”.  I believe that we are at the tipping point of transitioning from small town to big city, and one of the challenges that I commit to continually address is how we keep our identity.  I do not believe that maintaining identity in the midst of a growing community is an either/or proposition, I believe that we can maintain both.  By incorporating smaller parks into subdivision designs and increasing the amount of trails and open spaces we also create opportunities in developments where community members are better able to interact with each other.

Quality of Life

If there were any one subject that I have heard often; our residents cherish the quality of life that we have in Washington City.  Parks and trails are important.  Iconic geographical features need to be preserved.  If I could turn back time I would beg and plead with the early settlers and developers to avoid scarring up our hillsides.  I cannot change the past but I can work to preserve what we still have.  I am committed to seek opportunities to keep and maintain more open spaces and bring in local parks and to work with developers to identify and design parks, amenities, and open spaces within their development parcels.


I think that it is critically important to reach out to the various nonprofits within our community that support families.  It’s important because we have a broad diversity of needs within our community that need to be recognized and identified.  Organizations such as Root for Kids and the Utah Food Bank provide much needed support and I cannot thank them enough for the good works that they offer.  It’s important to me that we continue to expand our outreach to these various organizations.

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