We need to continue to improve our expectation of developments within our community.  I want the long term impact of development to part of the immediate consideration.  Since being elected to the city council I have pushed to help promote better developments within the city.  I have worked with Council, Planning Commission and staff to create five new PUD development ordinances (Planned Unit Developments).  These ordinances allow us as a council to have a real say in the projects that get approved.

I’m often criticized for being in construction and development; however, this is an asset rather than a liability on the city council.  I know when a project is going to create value for the community or take value away.  I believe that the quality of product is crucial and as we review projects we need to focus on the value that each of them will bring to the community long term.  My goal is to look at each and every ordinance or application and ask myself what the long term outcome is going to be.


As we grow, it is critically important that we plan 10/20/30 years ahead.  I understand that growth can be inconvenient.  But it is critical that we plan infrastructure in advance of necessity.  Washington City has an amazing public works department that is continually working on the long range planning of this city.  I have enjoyed being part of this long-range planning.  I continue to be committed to work hard to plan for the future while also looking for as many ways possible to mitigate the negative impacts of infrastructure and growth.


Growth brings us some incredible opportunities, and immense challenges.  I often reminisce about what our communities used to be.  Then I look at what we have today, because of the growth that we have experienced, and appreciate the new conveniences that growth has brought.  We have parks, an amazing hospital, a division 1 university, and too many more things to list.  I’m excited for what the future holds for all of us.  I will continually look for opportunities in work and play that I believe will bring value to our community.

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